Lakewood Preparatory Academy

To be great, one must bow before children.

Lakewood Preparatory Academy recognizes the penetrating influence of schools. A child's mind is so volatile that its intensity requires a humbling courage and a deep source of thought. The emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the child are the prime concerns of our academy. We give your child a strong foothold to achieve fullness of his or her faculties.

We are a private organization in Georgia which provides basic social services to families in the area. We want to be directly involved in the delivery of quality early care and education. Our team is comprised of caregivers and educators who specialize in early child care. Along with the philosophy of Christ, we personalize our care to your child by learning from their needs. The importance of communication and attention they get will aid in their development as growing individuals.

Our center will become the major venue of their first notions of the world. We will walk with them while maintaining space for independence in familiarizing, discovering and creating concepts about life.

As parents ourselves, we know how you want your child to be treated. You know your own responsibilities to them. Coming to us will help them become grand contributors of a great master plan. To know more about our organization, you may give us a visit or a call anytime at - (404) 524-2655.

Monday / Thurs. / Fridays - 6:30 A.M to 6:00 P.M.
Contact Information
Phone: (404) 524-2655
Fax:    (404) 524-6002
Our Location:
1519 Lakewood Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
191 Anne street
Atlanta Ga 30315

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